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Children of Lipová Street

Join us in remembrance and celebration of community!

We invite all Teplice Jewish compatriots and other people related to the Jewish community in Teplice to collaborate on the Children of Lipová Street tableau. This will, through personal photographs with a short description, commemorate people, whose life story is in any way connected with the Jewish community of Teplice, based in Lipová Street. Photographs (3 pictures at most, 300 dpi) with a short description can be sent by the end of April to: Reproductions of these photos and texts will be installed on the tableau and presented to the public in the social hall of the Celebration of 600 Years of Judaism in Teplice in 2014.


ANNIKA TETZNER - Child of Lipová Street (one of the story on tableau)

Annika Tetzner (born Sara Channa Eisenmann) is a Czech born artist and writer who currently resides in Israel. Her maternal relatives were from Teplice. Annika is the only surviving member of those who resided in Europe during the Second World War. She is a child survivor of both Terezin and Birkenau. The majority of Annika’s work is rendered in acrylic paint on canvas, but she also utilizes charcoal, pencil, pen and ink, collage and gold leaf. See (Annika in 2009 in Teplice on color photography completely to the right.)

Kamila Slánská (Annika Tetzner´s grandmother) with sisters Anna and Helena

Kamila (1.11.1873 Teplice – 15.12.1943 Osvětim), born Eisenmann, Anna (10.4.1872 Teplice – 24.12.1942 Terezin), married Salomon, Helena (24.8.1868 Teplice – 15.5.1943 Osvětim), married Popper

Parents of S. Ch. Eisenmann (Annika Tetzner) in the year 1929

Josef Tetzner (1.7.1899 Teplice – 1.10.1944 Dachau) and Marta Tetznertová, born Eisenmann (18.12.1904 Teplice - 6.10.1944 Osvětim)

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